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Why Mail Tribune and Daily Tidings for Automotive Advertising?

Whether you are simply an individual with a vehicle to sell, or an auto dealer, Southern Oregon Media Group can get your vehicle in front of thousands of people in the Southern Oregon who are shopping for an automobile!

Reach more than 87,200 adults in the Southern Oregon market who read Mail Tribune in print/online in the past week.  Southern Oregon auto buyers rely on us for information.  In fact, 5 in 10 of those who bought or leased an automobile in the past 2 years also read Mail Tribune in print or online last week.

Move vehicles from your showrooms and car lots with automotive advertising from Southern Oregon Media Group.   The average car buyer spends approximately 8 to 12 weeks researching and shopping for a car. Use Southern Oregon Media Group to ensure that your message is available to your local consumers during this period when they’re ready to buy.

Sources: Omniture average traffic, Jan.-Mar. 2012 ; 2012 Southern Oregon Media Group market study, Clark, Martire & Bartolomeo, Inc.

Newspapers are a Highly Effective Ad Medium

  • 79% of adults took action as a result of a print newspaper ad in the last 30 days
  • 79% used a preprinted insert in the last 30 days
  • 52% rank newspapers first as the medium used to plan shopping or make purchase decision in the last 7 days
  • 41% say newspapers are the medium used most to check out ads, more that all electronic media combined
Source: How America Shops and Spends; Frank Magid Associates, 2011

Commercial Automotive Advertising  

Knowledgeable and professional Southern Oregon Media Group automotive marketing consultants can work with you to create a custom, multi-media plan that brings consumers to you.  He or she can show you how you can reach your potential customers by using Southern Oregon Media Group products to deliver your message for as little as pennies per person.  Contact your Southern Oregon Media Group marketing consultant to discuss a strategy that works for your business.

To learn more, visit Getting Started.

Private Party Automotive  

Are you an individual with an automobile to sell?  You can place your ad by phone by contacting: 541-776-4466 or 1-800-366-2527 or  Or you can place your ad online anytime, day or night here.