Total Market Coverage (TMC) Advertising

Extend your market coverage with our shopper bundles mailed to non-subscribers every week.

A la Carte - the  Mail Tribune’s total market coverage  (TMC) publication is distributed free on Wednesday to the homes of 22,000 Jackson County homes who do not subscribe to the the Mail Tribune.   A la Carte is also delivered as a  newspaper section to those who get the Mail Tribune by home-delivery and retail purchase.   A la Carte contains information about food, recipes, ads and delivers the the Wednesday inserts together (supermarket circulars) – all neatly wrapped.   A Mail Tribune/A la Carte TMC advertising combination provides maximum market penetration with minimal waste and duplication.

Weekly Advertiser- Ashland Daily Tidings’ total market coverage publication is distributed to subscribers and non-subscribers of Ashland Daily Tidings in Ashland.  The Weekly Advertiser delivers the Wednesday inserts wrapped in a classified advertising section.

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