Mail Tribune

Mail Tribune is the most widely-read and trusted source for news and advertising information in Southern Oregon.
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Daily Tidings

Delivered Monday through Saturday each week to readers in Southern Oregon interested in what goes on in and around to the Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, and N. California market.
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As southern Oregon’s main source of online news and information,, are a key part of the daily lives of the people who live and visit here.
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The Medford Nickel

Our weekly shopper with rack distribution in Jackson County, Josephine County in Oregon and northern Siskiyou County in California.

Home Life Magazine

This popular monthly magazine features local homes, gardens, home improvement ideas, landscape design, before and after stories, do-it-yourself projects and the latest trends, local experts and sources.  Home Life is distributed on the last Thursday of the month via Mail Tribune, at 70 rack locations in Jackson and Josephine counties and quarterly in Ashland Daily Tidings.

Joy Magazine

Fuel Your Mind, Body and Soul. Joy is the Mail Tribune’s signature magazine for women. Featuring inspiring, stimulating and motivating articles, Joy is distributed on the third Wednesday of the month in the Mail Tribune and Ashland Daily Tidings.

Oregon Healthy Living Magazine

Southern Oregon’s guide for those who want to squeeze the most out of life.  Healthy Living is more than a high-quality monthly magazine; it’s part of a three-pronged approach — which includes our weekly section in the Mail Tribune and a dynamic, interactive website.