Letter to Editor

Southern Oregon Media Group encourages readers to submit letters to the Editor. Letters may be addressed to: Letters Editor, Mail Tribune OR Daily Tidings, P.O. Box 1108, 111 N. Fir St., Medford, OR 97501.

All letters must be signed and a phone number included for confirmation. All letters are subject to editing. Letters must be 200 words or less and no more than 150 words for election and thank-you letters. Do not send duplicates of letters. Do not send poetry, “open letters” sent to multiple addressees, or letters copied from websites or chain emails – we generally will not publish them. Avoid generalizations, gratuitous insults and personal gripes.

You can email your letter to the Mail Tribune at letters@mailtribune.com.

You can email your letter the Daily Tidings at tidingsopinion@dailytidings.com.